Gay rights

The couple said the cost of IVF and surrogacy without health coverage has been prohibitively expensive, effectively delaying their plans to start a family.
Occupations, zaps, and a City Hall climb are all part of queer New Yorkers' activist legacy.
The decision reflected the Landmark Preservation Commission's push in recent years to landmark places based on their cultural and historic significance rather than purely architectural merit.
'The LGBTQ movement was portrayed very much as a white, gay male movement... This monument counters that trend of whitewashing the history.'
The DOJ filed paperwork disputing the idea that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prevents people from being fired due to their sexual orientation.
In 1966, three years before the Stonewall riots, a trio of gay rights activists staged a small but significant protest at Julius' Bar in Greenwich Village.
The latest federal accusations allude to promoting underage sex and coercion.
It turns out gay-rights activists are suspicious of prominent gay figures meeting with anti-gay-rights activists.
"A lot of people feel, I think rightfully, that that is too small a change to merit a lot of us participating who have wanted to see an inclusive parade."
"This is a deal that was made behind closed doors between parade organizers and one of their last remaining sponsors, NBC. It allows NBC's gay employees to march, but embarrassingly has not ended the exclusion of Irish LGBT groups."
Political officials, like Mayor de Blasio, and corporate sponsors boycotted the parade over its stance.
De Blasio never marched in the parade as Public Advocate.
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