Gay bashing

Police say he has 18 arrests in several states, with only two of the busts in New York.
Cops are still looking for people who may have information about the May 5 attack.
He added, "These are my streets just as much as it is theirs."
Apparently a group of men were calling the victim and his companions "faggot" as they walked down the street.
"Are you a f------ f-----? Why are you a f-----?" Roman screamed as he repeatedly pummeled Contarino in the face and head.
More gay men were assaulted in two separate attacks in SoHo and the East Village.
The victim had just left Pieces Bar.
One suspect's lawyer said, "My client was in the wrong place at the wrong time," while the suspect's cousin added, "He doesn’t have a problem with gay people."
Port Authority police officers managed to break up the beating.
Many of the persons of interest are wearing #7 jerseys.
Hopefully this will help.
After his older partner in crime got two years in jail, 18-year-old Staten Island gay basher Matthew Francis walked away with an easy 60 days in the slammer.
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