Gavin degraw

What do East Village locals think of the NYPD putting up fliers to help find Gavin DeGraw's attacker? The NY Post tracked down ONE local to find out!
The NYPD is asking for help in finding Gavin DeGraw's attackers.
Gavin DeGraw is currently seeing double, and had cancelled more tour dates after getting attacked in the East Village on Monday.
One close, blood relative claims Gavin DeGraw was only drinking cranberry juice the night he was out until 4 a.m., got beaten up by strangers, and fell into a cab.
Gavin DeGraw is still recuperating from the world's worst hangover, admits he can't remember much from the beating he took in the East Village.
Pop singer Gavin DeGraw was allegedly beaten on the streets of the East Village while intoxicated early Monday morning.
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