Gas shortage

Three people suffered burns in the Friday night fire.
As one person admitted, "I have no idea what the last number of my license plate is"
One Queens woman who waited on line for ten hours explains she needs the fuel to power a generator for her father's oxygen machine.
It stands to reason that if you are still in need of gas, Craigslist may be able to offer more than one way to get to the pump.
If you can in any way avoid driving or using gas the next few days you really should. But if you must fill up, there are some sources appearing to help you out.
FEMA's finally brought fuel to gas-starved New York and New Jersey, but it looks like shortage-sparked tensions are still running high.
One motorist in Queens allegedly pulled a gun on another at a gas station!
Cuomo said, "I don’t like to waive the tax, I don’t want to lose the money, but we do want to accelerate the flow of gasoline."
The gas shortage hitting the eat coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy continues. But now it has a hashtag!
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