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Three people were all convicted of manslaughter in the fatal 2015 East Village gas explosion which resulted in the deaths of two people and destruction of three buildings.

For the second day in a row, some businesses inside the Market remain closed or are operating in a limited capacity.

Ramsaran was a native of Trinidad, and having retired from a job at a watch company, was planning to sell off her rental property on Cranford Avenue and return to the country full-time.

Their bodies were found in separate rooms, each with a gunshot to the head.

Many were longtime tenants of rent-stabilized or controlled apartments, and were rendered homeless by the deadly explosion.

A State report found that the contractor who fused the faulty gas line had an expire license.

"We are not optimistic at this time that gas will be restored anytime soon."

Still, the NTSB says residents should have called 911 about the gas smell.