Gas explosion

Three people were all convicted of manslaughter in the fatal 2015 East Village gas explosion which resulted in the deaths of two people and destruction of three buildings.
Four blocks of Delancey Street were buckled.
Prosecutors are considering murder charges against a man allegedly associated with the house.
The cause appears to be gas-related or drug lab-related.
The tenant remains missing as the excavation continues.
Investigators believe that the explosion may have been caused by tenants who were moving, and attempted to disconnect the stove from a gas line so they could take it with them.
A lot of residents of the collapsed buildings were saved thanks to various good Samaritans.
Security camera video has surfaced showing the powerful explosion that rocked an East Village tenement yesterday afternoon.
Police and firefighters are on scene in the East Village at the site of a major building collapse. Updates to follow.
Shouts from onlookers attempting to help can be heard.
Windows and doors were blown out but most injuries appear to be minor.
A spacious townhouse was completely destroyed by a gas main explosion today in the Rockland County town of West Haverstraw.
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