Nearly three-quarters of New Jerseyans said they prefer to have an attendant top off their tanks.
Increased gas prices are more likely the result of increased demand as more vaccinated people travel or return to their commutes to work and school.
The family-run restaurant ran into big problems with its gas lines during a recent Department of Buildings inspection.
Without gas hookups, businesses and homeowners say their projects are imploding.
'The L has smelled like diesel for the past 2 days between Lorimer and Jefferson,' one tipster tells us.
Tenants around the city say some greedy landlords are trying to force them out by keeping the gas off.
"There is no scenario explaining why a luxury co-op in Chelsea should go without gas for almost a year."
The tenant who set off the blaze was in the process of being evicted.
One person is still unaccounted for.
Black smoke is typical of gasoline or diesel fuel fires.
The tenant remains missing as the excavation continues.
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