Garden state parkway

Hell is other people's MTA experiences.
One reporter was worried about the crazy high speeds the Romney motorcade was traveling at.
"Witnesses told investigators that both drivers had been moving erratically, tailgating and making numerous lane changes and" speeding.
Rollin' at 100-120 mph with sexy sports cars is apparently part of a NJ State trooper's job description!
Four teenage football players were killed, and four others were injured, in a car wreck on the Garden State Parkway on Saturday morning.
Via Holmdel Patch One survivor of the SUV crash on the
Three teens were killed when a Staten Island driver's SUV overturned on the Garden State Parkway.
A NJ State Trooper was found fatally shot in his patrol
No matter that the Taconic State Parkway wrong-way crash claimed 8
The NJ Turnpike Authority will be raising tolls on the NJ Turnpike
Evening commutes are already painful, but a few dozen motorists in NJ
The Daily News reports that "scarecrow cars" are being used by
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