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New details emerge on a $1.3-million pilot program that hopes to end the practice of dumping garbage and recycling bags onto sidewalks.

Before the pandemic, Manhattan was served by an average of 736 Sanitation trucks. In 2020, that was cut to 272 trucks and service is currently still lower than normal, with 440 trucks working in the borough.

"A clean and safe community is truly the foundation for everything else, so this is another great sign that NYC is coming back strong."

A block with a lot of restaurants and a lot of garbage might support a huge colony of rats.

It's a nightmare you may not have been aware of, but FYI it is now over.

The Department of Sanitation is taking away trash bins if too many people use them for household garbage.

The Finish Cultural Institute of New York is bringing chefs from a zero waste restaurant in Helsinki for a 4 day event.

A new report finds that NYC's commercial recycling rate is only 22 percent.

No longer will you need to hold on to your trash at select stations, because trash cans are coming back to every station in the subway system.