Gansevoort hotel

She allegedly admitted to making the false calls "because she figured police would get there quicker if they thought there was a bomb there."
A brawl between two women at the Gansevoort Hotel took a violent turn when one used a stiletto heel to stab her rival in the thigh.
The attackers allegedly called her the n-word.
Tourists: if they're not getting ripped off or attacked by hammer-wielding locals, then they're probably bringing a loaded gun to the Empire State Building.
In answer to the desperate need for more sleek-sexy-loungey restaurants in the Meatpacking District, the Gansevoort has opened a big new bi-level restaurant called "Toy."
Samples were taken from the Gansevoort along with The Crotona pool in the Bronx, Red Hook, Astoria, Tompkinsville in Staten Island, and Dry Dock in Manhattan. All of the public pools "nearly meet drinking-water standards."
[UPDATE BELOW] Over the weekend, the Post reported that a few
2007 mug shot Last night TMZ reported that Cameron Douglas (spawn
After Page Six alluded to The Gansevoort Hotel staff as being just
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