Kevin Alvarez, one of two people who dragged the teenager onto the sidewalk, is expected to testify in an upcoming trial.
'Direct call to all those banging. Bring it to the table. Bang the right way. Get with the OGs. Bring it to the table.'
'This defendant was the most violent attacker of the Proud Boys and their associates.'
A Brooklyn man believed to be a high-ranking member of the Bloods has been arrested in connection with an elaborate murder-for-hire scheme.
It was the biggest gang takedown in the city's history.
"They are using this big, feared, transnational gang to try to create fear and hysteria," one advocate said.
As many as 20 shots may have been fired between the suspect and police.
The feds are claiming the suspects are responsible for 39 murders, and years of drug dealing.
A 16-year-old and his dog were both stabbed Saturday after being asked if they were in a gang.
Prosecutors say they sold drugs in New England, and shot up people in the Bronx.
Spoiler: it ends with peace being brokered, and the birth of hip hop.
A gaggle of alleged Latin Kings were arrested Thursday for maiming rival gang members, reportedly shooting, stabbing and very nearly scalping foes thought to have shown "disrespect."
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