Gang assault

Three women are wanted for questioning.
"They threw me to the ground, dragged me on my knees, told me to 'stay on the ground you f---ing f----t.'"
They each face up to 15 years in prison on the top charge alone.
They were initially charged with multiple felonies, but took a plea deal that will earn them probation, community service, and $1,400 in restitution.
They reportedly marked the case closed less than a day after the beatdown.
Police say the attack sent him stumbling into the street.
It happened last month, and investigators are asking the public to help them find the suspects.
Two teens have been arrested and charged with gang assault for a brawl in a Brooklyn McDonald's this week.
Tomorrow many New Yorkers will be coming together to celebrate notions
Hundreds of friends and family members gathered at Cobble Hill Chapels
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