'He’s literally running from them trying to escape further assault,' a police official said.
'I have cousins who have been arrested because police were suspicious that they were affiliated with gangs through social media posts.'
The top charge could net the accused life in prison, if convicted.
He is set to be sentenced to seven years in prison and five years probation.
Defendants allegedly posted photos of themselves in rival territory on Facebook, apparently to taunt each other.
The alleged killer is a member of the "Mermaid Boys" gang.
He reportedly found her on Facebook while he was supposed to be investigating.
They also allegedly killed a 25-year-old man.
A mixtape party at SOB's for a rapper Fat Trel turned violent just after midnight today.
It seems that an East Harlem gang took advantage of the overwhelming allure of them by selling skunky weed using "sour power" packages.
Besides the Bad Barbies, other factions of the Trinitarios include the "Bad Boys," "El Combo," "Violating All Bitches," and the "One Seven Hoes."
The group's M.O.: Mace the victim, then punch and rob him.
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