Game of thrones

'Once you have two girlfriends die, it's really hard to find a third one.'
This week on the SERIES FINALE of 'Game Of Thrones,' everything was resolved in a satisfying manner that pleased all viewers.
This week on the penultimate episode of 'Game Of Thrones,' Dany got familiar with King's Landing, Tyrion got some quality time in with his best friends, and The Hound had a family reunion.
'Even through the humor and a lot of jokes around this, I've always taken Tormund's love for Brienne very seriously. That it's not irony in that.'
For the night is dark and full of continuity errors.
This week on Game Of Thrones, Cersei returned, Dany had some stumbles, and almost everybody else got drunk.
This week on 'Game Of Thrones,' the army of the dead marched on Winterfell.
Actor John Bradley reflects on his favorite fan encounter, Sam's evolution, why socialism would be good for Westeros, and why Dany and Jon may be on a collision course for the throne.
On this week's episode of 'Game Of Thrones,' Tormund explained the origins of his last name, Jaime caught up with everyone, and Brienne got a new title.
'There's no one I'd rather have a dragon than you, and I also would not trust you with one.'
On the season eight premiere of 'Game Of Thrones,' Jon and Dany went riding, the Night King made some art, and Bran waited for an old friend. Check out the GOT Power Rankings below.
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