As of 9 a.m. Saturday, New Yorkers could bet on sports on their mobile devices.
One plan prioritizes an immediate injection of tax revenue. The other envisions a long-term economy with lots of competition.
The court ruling upheld the 2016 decision of a lower court that said sites like Draft Kings are operating illegal gambling.
The robbery took place on Thanksgiving.
Four men are wanted for questioning.
It's the first state to allow this.
He's a "victim," the lawyer added.
Even without being a fan of either team, there's a way to get deeply invested in the Super Bowl, this and every year.
Millennials spend two-thirds less money on gambling than their older counterparts.
22 people have been charged with distributing marijuana and oxycodone, as well as illegal gambling and tax fraud.
A man busted by cops for spitting on the subway platform turned out to be wanted by police for a murder in Brooklyn last November.
The NYPD has released a sketch of one of the suspects in the fatal shooting of a Brooklyn man who operated a gambling operation late last month.
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