Gale brewer

"These bodegas are facing the ultimate threat from these 15-minute delivery apps,” said Christopher Marte, the new City Council member for the Lower East Side.
Everyone agrees the Riverside Park boat basin needs to be upgraded. Not everyone likes the city's plan: "This looked like the monstrosity on the Hudson."
Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving can't play professional basketball in New York City unless he takes a COVID-19 vaccine, but unvaccinated traveling opponents are permitted to do so.
More than seven weeks after Majors's death, elected and community officials are still searching for ways to allay concerns about safety in the park as well as the broader neighborhood.
'This report is not only wrong on the facts, it’s morally indefensible.'
'What I deserve is light and air and a decent place to live.'
'It's the business community valuing patrons' ability to double park over the safe passage of people on bikes.'
The rally came after the administration announced it would end Obama-era guidelines that required public schools to let transgender students use the bathrooms of their choice.
Other ideas include easing street vendor rules and "condo-izing" storefronts.
The de Blasio administration says they're looking into changing the zoning laws.
A coalition of preservationists and community leaders held a rally and press conference today in front of the soon-to-be-demolished Rizzoli Bookstore.
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