'There’s no way we could have fire. The fire marshals would have a fit.'
'Because it's a little quieter than the rest of New York, I thought [Staten Island] might be a good place' for the new vampires to hide.
While neither Taika Waititi nor Jermaine Clement are starring in this adaptation of the mockumentary, they are both actively involved with the show.
Rockwell and Williams will also get equal pay!
We have some хорошие новости товарищи, because now you can always keep a piece of the show in your life by bidding on items from 'The Americans.'
'We wanted to have people explore the question of why we dehumanize enemies, and it's better not to ask people to go that far with current enemies. The fact that it's all come back around, and the Russians have turned back into enemies has been pretty bad.'
'For a show that is attempting to get below the surface of a complicated mind, it didn't just seem like we went from confusion to clarity in season one and we're just going to live in clarity now.'
"This season, we were trying to sort of take the gas pedal off some of the spy missions and focus more on some of the relationship dynamics and the family stories."
Misunderstandings, miscommunications, mistaken identities and missed opportunities are the dominant themes of the third season of 'Fargo.'
'The Americans,' whose fifth season premieres tonight, is having a moment.
Get a refresher on where we left Philip, Elizabeth, Stan, Paige, Martha and all the rest of 'The Americans' last season.
The best show on TV returns to FX on March 7th.
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