Someone decided to insert Luke Skywalker and friends into the "30 Rock" opening credit sequence, and now we've got this hilarious video floating around the WebVerse.
This week, you can watch the always hilarious Rachel Dratch try to snag a seat at the cool kids' table at the cafeteria, offering them a sandwich, car rides and money to earn their respect.
Someone at a hotel in the city has been tweeting the absurd things that guests request.
Governor David Paterson frequently uses humor to disarm his audiences (we were
We could waste this introduction telling you how consistently funny Mike
We don't know much about this Japanese cat, except that we
Nothing like knowing what kind of neighbors you're going to have
The NY Times looks at how Governor Paterson's uses of humor to
Forget the debate over whether Clinton should drop out; there’s a more
The presidential race has been a goldmine for talk shows (well,
Some L.A. Lakers fan (we assume) came up with a brilliant plan
Chanukah may not be the holiest of days on the Jewish
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