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The low-cost carrier's owner has informed the city that he's not planning on relaunching service.

Fung Wah had its license revoked after feds discovered some serious problems with the majority of the buses in its fleet.

But, then again, what's a little risk of getting your skull crushed when you can take a $10 trip to Baltimore?

Things aren't looking so good for the super-cheap bus market.

The federal government has revoked the low-cost carrier's license, and it doesn't look like those $15-a-pop trips will be back anytime soon.

Last night inspectors looked at nine buses and found serious problems with eight, including cracks in the frames.

A Fung Wah bus driver ran over two pedestrians in the crosswalk near the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge in Chinatown last night just before 11 p.m.

Photograph of Fung Wah bus-dump truck crash by Marla Diamond/WCBS 880

A bus headed from Chicago to NYC's Chinatown crashed early Sunday morning