Funeral home

"There is no need for them to worry or for families to worry that the remains will go to a city cemetery unless they specially ask for that option.”
"A crisis is no excuse for the kind of behavior we witnessed at Andrew T. Cleckley Funeral Home, and we are holding them accountable for their actions."
Police were called to a Brooklyn funeral home on Wednesday after neighbors discovered dozens of corpses, oozing fluids and a gruesome stench, stacked inside a U-Haul and tractor trailer on the street.
One Queens funeral home is seeing 60 percent rise in the number of grieving clients.
When the funeral home owner was shown photographs of both women, he seemed unable to tell the difference, or care.
"How could so many people not have recognized that the woman in the coffin was not Ms. McDonald?"
A Greenpoint couple living on Driggs Avenue near McCarren Park is attempting
The family of a man who died in his sleep was
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