The pandemic has devastated the densest municipalities as the virus spread through tight webs of multigenerational and multifamily homes.
Alvarez died from complications arising from colorectal cancer, likely caused by the toxic dust inhaled at Ground Zero, where Alvarez toiled for three months in the rubble following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.
Two police officers assigned to the event were reportedly injured in separate incidents involving a hearse collision and a rogue drone.
One FedEx employee allegedly took out a box cutter while another used a fire extinguisher to fight with mourners.
"She was murdered while acting as an agent of peace," Mayor de Blasio said.
'Timothy was a man, a man who lived life to fullest, a man who believed in the things that should inspire us all.'
After being paralyzed from a robber's gunshots, McDonald spent the next 30 years of his
When the funeral home owner was shown photographs of both women, he seemed unable to tell the difference, or care.
"How could so many people not have recognized that the woman in the coffin was not Ms. McDonald?"
He says he wanted to keep the focus on "the brutal, senseless murder."
The pastor at Officer Randolph Holder's family's church said his death should be a "catalyst for unification."
Supporters are raising money for the late musician's wife and kids.
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