The New York governor demolished fundraising records in her first six months in office.
The allegations will likely be raised against him should he choose to seek a run for governor, something he has hinted at but has not formally announced.
In the months leading up to the general election, Adams is proving to be the candidate who appears comfortable on construction sites and waterfront mansions alike.
The governor has about $18 million in his campaign war chest.
The campaign said it raised over $1 million from more than 11,000 contributors.
Unfortunately, PTA money cannot be used to hire math teachers.
Stringer's inquiry raises the question of how the city handled the negotiations with the Podolskys, whose buildings had a history of violations.
Cuomo's surge of grass roots support is *almost* unbelievable.
From risotto balls to Solange tickets, cheap drink bracelets to the Wonder Wheel, you've got plenty of ways to enjoy the city while raising money for hurricane-slammed Houston.
The nonprofit organization that runs the event experienced some "fairly serious financial crisis events" in recent months, according to its director.
"It defies common sense that limits that work so well during the campaign should be set aside once the candidate has assumed elected office."
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