One councilmember accused the MTA leadership of "carrying the governor's water."
The MTA has yet to confirm how much the plan will cost.
"What is the actual plan, and where will the Governor find the money to pay for it?" one advocate wondered.
"We're telling low-income students they have to remain in one of the most expensive states in the nation."
For families making $125,000 or less.
"An additional $200 million is going to be very, very hard to find in the city's budget," de Blasio says.
"When you get to that point you make sure that the safety-critical work gets done, whether or not anything else gets done."
"I have a very high degree of confidence that the money will be found."
The budget draft only calls for capital plan funding "after MTA capital resources... have been exhausted."
The state has "a number of questions about its content and issues."
"This is a deal that has always made sense."
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