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The Fuku Chimek, a whole chicken fried two ways, served with fries, pickled daikon, kimchi, and flatbread, makes for a fantastic feast. You can comfortably skip Fatbird's bird though.

The superb fried chicken sandwich that debuted at the East Village original makes the menu downtown, too, but it's the fried chicken dinner that'll be the big draw.

Loosen your belt, FiDi, you're getting two new Chang restaurants in the future.

Spicy fried chicken sandwiches and milk bar cookies are now available during all MSG sports events and concerts.

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich is spendy at $8 (plus Caviar's delivery $2.99 fee and tip), but it's also really big, especially for a lunchtime portion.

And there's more than just the chicken sandwich!

Fuku is small, but the chicken sandwich packs a punch.

The standing room only spot offers three items: a spicy fried chicken sandwich, french fries and a seasonal vegetable salad.