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The 'Frozen 2' lights have been drawing crowds, and will be on display through January 2nd.

Guess you're taking the J train, South Williamsburg.

Exult in winter's breathtaking beauty with these stunning photographs of frozen NYC.

Do you vow to find the feet these belong on, or walk around them and forget about it? Choose your own adventure...

Maybe God is more of a Milhouse: a well-intentioned loser who just wants to impress us, but still cries every time he runs out of chocolate milk.

"I personally have never seen Niagara Falls frozen like that before. It was spectacular to capture."

At perilous moments like this, one must look toward Mr. Freeze for inspiration, and shake their fist at the heavens: "You're not sending ME to the COOLER!"

The Disney Store in Times Square, like stores across the country, has apparently run out of plush Frozen paraphernalia, and parents are starting to take matters into their own hands.