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At the corner of Bedford and Grove streets, an otherwise quiet section of the West Village, there was a steady stream of tourists who all seemed to be having some sort of religious experience at a brick wall.

As an ensemble cast of semi-ambitious young white people trying to make it in New York City, Rachel and Ross and Phoebe and Joey and Monica and Chandler were ultimately able to live in delusion and thrive in ways that black and brown people never could or can.

The employee allegedly binge-watched 'astounding hours of TV shows on Netflix' on company time—including 55 episodes of 'Friends' in a four-day period.

Hello, would you like some money to watch ~65 episodes of Friends over the next four-ish months?

'We'll have set recreations like Joey & Chandler's apartment, Central Perk (obviously), tons of photo opportunities and the chance to learn how to be as type A as Monica when it comes to cleaning.'

You have until January 1st to rewatch any Friends episodes on Netflix before the show makes its PIVOT to points unknown.

Even though the street scenes look like nothing you'd actually find in the Village, there are still some moments in the show that speak truths about the city.