Fresh direct

A FreshDirect driver was struck by a man driving a van, and then assaulted with a rubber mallet near BAM in Brooklyn this past weekend.
Sorry...everywhere else. than most other grocery stores in Manahttan.
The company will increased unionized worker's wages by 20% over the next three years.
The court's decision was lauded by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr., who praised the project for adding 1,000 new jobs in the borough.
We did the math: what costs you $50 at Fresh Direct will cost you $25 at your local produce shop.
A lawsuit that tried to stop Fresh Direct's new Bronx home has been dismissed.
Word spread that the Fresh Direct site was down because they hadn't renewed their doman name. But it seems people may have turned on their delivery overlords a bit too quickly.
FreshDirect is getting a tax break and billionaire competitors local businessmen say it's not fair. Today, business coalitions and protestors rallied against FreshDirect's controversial move from their LIC headquarters to the South Bronx.
After critics lambasted the sweet, sweet government subsidies online grocer Fresh Direct received to move its headquarters to the South Bronx, the company is trying to fix some of the more glaring criticisms against it.
Fresh Direct is selling ramps for 8 bucks a bunch, over the $3 price at the local greenmarkets.
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