French fries

Owned and operated by lifelong local Forrest Greene, Spudz features a full menu of loaded-up fries.
Fittingly, there's a creation called "Drunk Guys" on the menu, an allusion to the populace likely to frequent the eclectic potato spot after dark.
On display, over 80 samples from local bars and restaurants, all floating in Victorian-style glass cases.
No more limp shoestrings!
So can well-browned toast and coffee so you may as well take up Breatharianism.
America, open wide for some "Satisfries," the 270 calorie alternative to Burger King's regular fries, which have 340 calories in a small portion.
Soon they'll be ditching the crinkle at all locations!
Is this the thanks we get for inventing the McRib?
Is there any actual potato in those golden salt delivery systems? In Canada the answer is apparently an emphatic yes, eh.
Why do the fries at Nathan's in Coney Island suddenly taste different?
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