A cold front with actually cold air behind it passed through the area just before midnight last night.
Don't move that A.C. unit into the closet just yet...
Some Bros just want to watch the world burn (or, in this case, shiver).
Get ready for "dangerously cold temperatures" tonight, hahahaha.
Hey girl, this weather is no joke.
Niagara Falls isn't fully frozen over, but it is suffering from a mean case of seasonal defective falls disorder.
Stay in bed.
We have a cornucopia of winter weather warnings over the next 48 hours. This is truly the Thanksgiving of misery.
It's been 11 days without a homicide in NYC!
Snow is expected Saturday and extreme cold on Sunday.
This is Winter's world now, and we merely live in it.
Upstate they're expecting SEVENTY INCHES OF SNOW. That is so much snow.
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