Freedom tower

Tuesday's steamy weather finally gave way to a severe electrical storm late last night, which in turn gave us some very extreme videos of lightning striking the spire atop One World Trade.
Kids between six and twelve get away with a $26 entrance fee.
It's unclear whether 1 WTC will be green, though it's definitely easy to break into.
1 World Trade Center is a boring, "monomaniacal" corporate monument.
But Chris Rock will never ever go there.
Ice chunks the size of softballs have been sloughing off the side of the 1 WTC tower this morning, forcing the partial closure of the West Side Highway during rush hour
From some angles 1WTC appears shorter than a glitzy neighbor a few blocks to the East.
A concern for One World Trade Center: Lightning.
One World Trade Center, January 13, 2011 (via Ryan Budhu's flickr).
The Port Authority has an update about the under construction One World
According to the NY Times, there's a "front-runner" for the suddenly
Sorry, foodies, the most exclusive new eatery may be the Subway shop
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