Most of us have cabin fever after a year in lockdown. But down in South Florida, snowbird season for seniors is in full swing.
The New York State Department of Health has also updated its quarantine policy for domestic travelers in light of recent policy changes by the feds.
The bovine fugitives were reportedly purchased by a Montvale resident on Tuesday, and were set to be transferred to a nearby slaughterhouse on Wednesday.
Everything at this store is available at the low, low price of nothin'.
New Yorkers must now agree to have their bags searched before entering portable restrooms in public parks during events.
According to the former supervisor, employees "are trained and instructed to pressure and embarrass visitors into paying the stated admission fee."
Is Mayor Bloomberg waging a "secret war" against smokers exercising their right to carcinogenic coolness in their own apartments? Nahhhh.
If they succeed, strip clubs everywhere will have a more lucrative way of tricking men into thinking people want to have sex with them.
"The only whitewater rafting I’ve done I did with my daughter. I don’t think she had a lot of information that I was interested in."
This is the geekiest, most rational protest in the history of New York City."
A group of African American faith leaders will join Occupy Wall Street in a march at 10 a.m. Monday from the Financial District to Madison Square Garden.
Wait, people smoke marijuana INSIDE THEIR APARTMENTS?
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