Free speech

First Amendment and defense attorneys warned the provisions could prove "coercive."
A Rutgers professor who lives in Brooklyn was taken for a psychiatric evaluation by NYPD officers after he made political comments in class and on Twitter about conservatives, Trump, and gun control.
"You ever see those animals at the Bronx Zoo? That's how I feel."
Parents had rallied against her, and someone egged her family's house.
The rally is happening this afternoon.
"The school only has a right to regulate conduct when it has an impact on the orderly operation of the school," one ACLU attorney argues.
There was a fight-threat assist in there too.
"I told him it was an old T-shirt from a protest group. That got him going even more."
Do they have any idea who they're dealing with?
There's a display copy of the newspaper at the Columbus Avenue store.
The lack of protected public spaces for free speech and protest in NYC is the subject of a design competition, exhibit and architectural symposium happening in Manhattan this month.
Section 1050.6 of the MTA's Rule of Conduct explicitly permits artistic performances in transit facilities.
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