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We don't need a "day" to celebrate coffee, the world's most life-giving legal drug, but we have one, and with it comes opportunities for a free buzz.

The company has started a petition to bring the lobster emoji out of our dreams and onto our phones.

Cold brew, croissants, cheese and chocolate are a few of the other items available Tuesday through Thursday.

Rebecca's has been closed following ownership drama, but they're reopening Friday night with the lure of free grub and cheap beer.

There's no cure for Mondays, but the symptoms can be treated.

Duncan's Burgers roll into Dromedary Bar with 500 free burgers in celebration.

Anyone who downloads the new app gets a free ShackBurger to redeem anytime between now and February 28th, 2017.

The free ice pops are available from noon to 6 on Friday, but you should also try out Fany Gerson's new ice cream.

To celebrate their new location, the Brooklyn Star at Brooklyn Bazaar is giving away complimentary food from their whole menu tonight.