Free food

What's not to like about a free latke?
The autumn-inspired roll will be part of Sushi Sushi's menu throughout the month of October.
The burger chain is commemorating its 100th restaurant opening with 100 free burgers at every location Tuesday.
One hundred lucky souls waited hours in the rain, then spent the night inside the chain restaurant, to win 52 terrible chicken sandwiches.
Attention brands: there are FIVE boroughs in New York City.
It's not at Cronut Rain Room level, but just wait until the weekend.
Shops across the city are giving out the delicate French cookies free—if you know the special password!
A free lunch for every student would save families money as well as reduce stigma (and it won't even cost taxpayers).
"As a way of returning the love to NYC that we are shown every day, we are going to make everything on the truck FREE for our last day out before our break," says Cinnamon Snail owner Adam Sobel.
Snag a gratis scoop today from noon until 8 p.m.
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