Free concerts

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Bryant Park Picnic Performances season, which will include over 20 free jazz concerts, theatrical performances, and dance events staged in the park between May and September.
This year's series comes with an audience participation twist...
If you're in the mood for a little night music later on, the New York Philharmonic will be giving its 23rd annual FREE Memorial Day Concert.
After a sparse turnout at the free concert series held at the Aviator Sports Complex next to the Rockaways, today Jelly redubbed the events "Rock Yard" and moved it to East Williamsburg at The Morgan.
Jelly NYC comes out swinging against a Brooklyn Paper article declaring their Floyd Bennett Field concert series a dud.
JellyNYC's jack-of-all-trades Chris Goldstein talks to us about Rock Beach, the geographical nuances of Brooklyn and Queens, Shirtless Tom, and why the Pool Parties are dead and gone.
Oh, and you'll be able to camp (at the Saturday shows) just like those dirty hippies at Camp Bisco, Bonnaroo, and all those other festivals that are enhanced by tent-living.
To the desperate audiophile strapped for cash, thou shalt not fear: This
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