Freak out

A flight from JFK to Las Vegas had to be diverted to Detroit after a passenger royally freaked out.
$125 unlimited monthly MetroCard? EVERYBODY FREAK OUT.
The next time you're squeezed between Kevin Smith and Jonah Hill on a flight, be grateful: in the event of an emergency, they could come in handy if a delusional pilot goes berserk.
“They were exposing themselves and showing their body parts to each other. From what I understand, they were kissing and touching,” the mother of one of the kindergartners said.
Serena Williams may have lost the U.S. Open, but she still stole the show by freaking out (it's a tradition!) at an umpire.
Below, relive the chaos of Hurricane Irene, and check out 15 of our favorite tweets, including dirty Albert Brooks, hurricane regrets, Bob Dylan headlines, and the musings of the one-and-only El Bloombito.
Two crazed Park Slope parents freaked out in an ugly, racially-tinged freakout at a local nail salon yesterday.
Earlier today, singer Chris Brown had a meltdown/tantrum/something that involved a
Via TMZ Chris Brown's new album F.A.M.E. is out today, and
Mayor Bloomberg's peeved reaction to an errant tape recorder—which was playing
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