Freak accident

The tire came loose from a private sanitation truck.
A man was also injured; one report says that the victims were repeatedly struck.
He was reportedly climbing on the facade of his house when he grabbed the planter, which then fell.
This happened near East Drive and East 74th Street.
The 16-year-old was still conscious when he was carried off the field.
A woman died in Inwood on Thursday evening after apparently falling down some stairs and crashing out a window, plunging five stories.
Pedestrians called West 12th street a 'dangerous' 'wind tunnel.'
The plywood was 4 feet by 8 feet and struck the woman while she was talking on the cell phone.
A livery cab driver was killed in Midtown this morning after accidentally hitting the wrong pedal on his Ford Expedition.
A truck driver was killed in a freak accident Wednesday morning when a manhole cover exploded, flew through his windshield, and struck him in the head.
Yesterday's horrific shooting saw blade was horrific enough using just our imaginations, and now, there's video.
A woman was run over by her own car in a freak accident at a Bronx car wash Saturday.
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