A New Jersey woman was arrested for allegedly selling falsified COVID-19 vaccinations cards to hundreds of people, including employees at hospitals, medical schools, and nursing homes,
New York lawmakers passed a bill Thursday criminalizing the falsification of vaccine records under state law.
Seth Andrew was filmed wearing a distinctive yellow Democracy Prep baseball cap at the bank when he went to withdraw the funds, investigators noted.
Sorokin, a German national, was released from prison earlier this year, has a Netflix series based on her coming out, and is getting into NFTs.
On at least two occasions, Caputo, 56, was rolling with his bowling league in Suffolk County while supposedly on the clock, according to cell phone data and records maintained by the bowling alley, prosecutors said.
Bannon and three others are accused of coming up with a scheme that involved creating a non-profit and shell company in order to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars from the "We Build A Wall" crowdfunding campaign to their own pockets.
A jury found Michael Avenatti guilty for an extortion scheme against Nike.
Former NJ governor Chris Christie made a surprise appearance to observe Tuesday’s hearing.
Dating checks with just a 20 instead of 2020? Might as well tape a sign to your back that says "DEFRAUD ME PLZ"
Glenn Payne allegedly lacked a license to practice medicine or psychology in New York State, or anywhere else for that matter.
Thanks to New York's "Son of Sam Law," which blocks offenders from profiting off their crimes.
His attorney plans to fight the allegations on grounds that you can't prosecute someone twice for one offense.
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