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Two companies that bear the former president’s name were found to have run a 13-year scheme to defraud the government of tax revenue.

The Department of Justice has accused Edwin Skepple of giving false information to the Small Business Administration to secure funds through a pandemic program meant to aid small businesses in distress.

School officials admitted to diverting federal funds meant for hungry students.

The resident is among a long line of New York City property owners scammed out of their homes.

He made more than $2.7 million selling unregistered pesticides he claimed could kill COVID-19, officials say.

A New Jersey woman was arrested for allegedly selling falsified COVID-19 vaccinations cards to hundreds of people, including employees at hospitals, medical schools, and nursing homes,

New York lawmakers passed a bill Thursday criminalizing the falsification of vaccine records under state law.

Seth Andrew was filmed wearing a distinctive yellow Democracy Prep baseball cap at the bank when he went to withdraw the funds, investigators noted.

Sorokin, a German national, was released from prison earlier this year, has a Netflix series based on her coming out, and is getting into NFTs.

On at least two occasions, Caputo, 56, was rolling with his bowling league in Suffolk County while supposedly on the clock, according to cell phone data and records maintained by the bowling alley, prosecutors said.