And wouldn't you know it: they look great on Instagram!
This is the first of a series of Kossar's collaborations for National Sandwich Month.
Do you like sugar? Climb aboard!
By our calculations, "Dewitos" are made up of approximately 20% x-treme sugar, 15% garbage dump additives, 40% psychosis-induced regret, 10% cheese-flavored vomit, 10% polydipsia and 5% delicious baby tears.
Behold the Crozel and the Baissant!
Does anybody remember bread?
Robicelli's Bakery is grabbing the viral food hype by the horns and punching it in the face.
Where can we go from here?
Field trip to Flushing, anyone?
The Bloody Mary with noodles and a meatball garnish.
They're basically just trolling us now.
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