It targets a loophole that allows some forms of fracking to continue.
They get to stockpile guns and poison their drinking water. We get to keep our tax money. What could go wrong?
"I consider the people of the state of New York as my patients,” said Howard Zucker, the acting commissioner of health. “We cannot afford to make a mistake. The potential risks are too great. In fact, they are not fully known.”
New York commissioned this methane groundwater study because Pennsylvania failed to.
Contamination ran the gamut from wastewater spills to methane gas contamination to and wells running dry, rendering the water undrinkable.
New York towns win some self-determination against oil companies.
The company building the pipeline, and its parent company, have a long and checkered safety record.
Is this something we should be worried about, or are the anti-Spectra people scaremongering?
t doesn't look like Governor Cuomo will be making moves to ban hydrofracking anytime soon, so Ono's made a new ad calling him out, and she's using late husband John Lennon to amplify her message.
"I can't stand by while radon is introduced to New York City...and our government acts like the gas industry's apologist."
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