Foxy brown

Foxy Brown is busy: She plans on becoming spokeswoman for the National Deaf Association, writing her memoir, releasing an album, considering posing nude for Playboy and suing the city.
We may never know if Foxy Brown dropped her drawers and mooned her neighbor, but a judge DID just drop the charges in the case.
Foxy Brown was reprimanded today by a Brooklyn judge for showing up to court two hours late, which she blamed on her lawyer.
In 2007 Foxy Brown gave her neighbor Arlene Raymond a little
The woman who accused Foxy Brown of breaking the order of
Foxy in a Lamborghini This morning—just a couple of days after
According to Foxy Brown's lawyer, Arlene Raymond—the woman who the rapper
That Brooklyn bad girl Foxy Brown is back at it! The
Finally, Foxy Brown is talking about the eight months of time
Apparently Orthodox Jews weren't the only ones getting preferential treatment while
Rappers Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown (otherwise known as Kimberly Jones and
After doing time for violating probation and assaulting a manicurist, Rapper Foxy
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