Fourth amendment

"It's a party, it's a party, it's a party, hey!" an officer seems to say in a secretly made recording following the arrest.
"I think one can infer that this officer has an unusual predilection for rectal searches," the man's lawyer said.
Under the new system, officers are supposed to get signed consent when searching someone without probable cause.
He is the first federal judge to take on the issue.
It will be up to the NYPD to reform itself.
But they have to tell us a little more about the cancer risks.
"What if the location of a live kidnap victim is in the phone? Are we going to say that's not important?"
The devices allow the interception of data from anyone's cellphone in the vicinity.
New software "enables the NYPD to learn intimate details about people's lives with a click of a mouse."
New York "is all that they hate, so we are the most likely target." Now stop encrypting your phone.
You're not the neighbor in Office Space, so just keep it in the ashtray.
"It kind of brought back old feelings and disgust; and just disdain for some of the politics garbage that happens."
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