Four loko

Yesterday a 25-year-old Brooklyn man who downed a Four Loko before getting behind in the wheel two years ago was convicted of manslaughter (though not aggravated vehicular homicide).
Legislation mandating an energy drink purchase age was proposed a few years ago, and has since been voted on by the Suffolk County Board of Health.
"Did I do something wrong, because I don't remember because I had Four Lokos," Stewart told arresting officers. "I don't know what's going on. I just woke up."
Why pay for five beers when you can get one can of Four Loko instead?
Urban Outfitters swears it didn't know anything about this Four Loko/Black Flag T-shirt rip-off, and instead pointed the finger at one of its vendors.
According to the report, 11 patients under the influence of Four Loko visited the emergency room at Bellevue Hospital in four months 10 of them were underage.
Urban Outfitters has been accused of ripping of jewelry designers in the past, but now, a reader is alleging that the company ripped off his Black Flag-inspired Four Loko t-shirt.
A Liquor Board representative says, "If someone is selling that stuff illegally, it's something we're going to look into."
Selling the banned brew could result in a $2,000 fine for the offending store, and the blog publishes the names and locations of the stores that still sell the good stuff.
The war on Four Loko rages on, despite the fact that Loko is yesterday's news to tweens. "Four Loko is still the leading beverage in this category," Klein's spokesman Rich Azzopardi told us.
State Senator Jeffrey Klein has proposed legislation that would stop the sale of sugary "alcopops" in bodegas and ban Four Loko, but it's never enough for NYC Health Commissioner Thomas Farley.
Now that Four Loko is unpopular and "this close" from being
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