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Boston College professor Elizabeth Stringer Keefe has been attempting to return this wedding photo, found in the rubble at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks, for thirteen years.

Many-a-strange-thing have been discovered in the waters off New York City, but perhaps the oddest of them all was a giraffe.

Her family denies that they were arranging a marriage for her.

A girl has been posting fliers around town in search of a Ryan Gosling look-a-like, and we found one for her!

The fancy elephant has turned up in Bay Ridge.

Did your adorable beagle run away in Brooklyn? Or would you be interested in adopting an adorable beagle?

Bongo the stuffed monkey has been returned to his "parents," which means this weird story can now come to an end!

Yesterday, we posted a picture of a beautiful red bird which a reader found outside their apartment building in East Village—we're happy to report that the bird has now been reunited with its owner!

We received an excited email from a reader stating: "A friendly

The missing 34-year-old medical student who seemed to disappear without a