Fort tilden

"There was a real intimacy and a real beauty in the way people were interacting with each other on the beaches that is not quite the same at a city park or on the subway."
If you’re one of the many New Yorkers who have contributed to the city’s biking boom over the past few months, but hesitate at the thought of more than a few miles in the saddle, here’s some tips to get you out there.
Here's everything you need to know about the beaches in and around NYC.
The 1500 silver balls are housed inside an old train garage.
The sphere will be in an old train garage.
On Saturday, May 26th, the city officially opens the public beaches for the summer.
Camp Rockaway's seven fixed tents rent from $115 to $195 per night.
If you've got $200+ bucks you can shell out for a luxury 'glamping' experience, complete with queen-sized beds and showers, but no alcohol.
It's time to take your beach body, which is any body that is hyped up to enjoy the blessings of the sun and the waves and the sand, to one of these city beaches.
It's a bright flash of raucous color inspired by the Rockaway sunset and made possible by the power of industrial spray paint guns.
Now's the time!
Here are some handy tips and profound insights into our area beaches, which officially reopen this Saturday.
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