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The city had determined that 32 of the trees are diseased, but as the judge noted, it did not indicate "why the other 51 trees must be removed."

Thousands of revelers came ready to move at the free house music festival.

Last year, there was Barb from Stranger Things, many 2016 election-related pups and Cellino and Barkes!

A noose was found hanging from a tree in Fort Greene Park this week, and a Hitler quote was found painted on a stump near the same spot last week.

A gamer and stock trader got a taste of the NYPD's Broken Windows policing.

A parks worker is in critical condition after he suffered burns over half of his body last night in Fort Greene Park.

The massive bust of Edward Snowden that was put on display in Fort Greene Park last month has finally been returned to its creators by the NYPD.

The artists who created a bust of Edward Snowden for display in Fort Greene Park would like their creation back, please, and they've secured a prominent civil rights defense lawyer to get the job done.

One Brooklyn-based projection collective wasn't about to let The Man silence The People.