A 43-year-old woman used a stolen identity to obtain a $6k-per-month one-bedroom apartment in SoHo, according to the Manhattan District Attorney's office.
Prosecutors say the fraudsters would pose as a broker and the rightful owner.
He allegedly rented the car with a fake ID and credit card, then kept it.
"I felt overwhelmed with work. I was motivated out of fear that the work wouldn't get done."
Dating meets real estate!
A Long Island City foundry owner allegedly claimed he was great friends with Johns and was given a sculpture worth $11 million.
About one in every five Staten Island residents has a prescription
It's been a pleasantly long time since we last heard of
Those Brooklyn Census workers really don't want to lose their jobs.
Flickr user jenadactyl Getting fired was just the tip of the
Queens resident Ellen Lee has pleaded guilty to forging signatures and
House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. Ed Towns (D-Brooklyn) was apparently appalled
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