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They allegedly claimed at least 10 victims, half of them elderly.

"I'm not going to tell you that there are none, but..."

Bonus: buyer also get's the Connect Four-inspired Downtown Dream hotel.

Zombie houses are up 28% from last year.

The U.S. Bank National Association says the Artist Formerly Known as Space Ace owes $703,581.48, and that doesn't include interest and late fees.

The owner of a $12 million mansion is facing foreclosure in the rich Hamptons town of Sagaponack, which, good heavens, has never seen such a thing!

Approximately 50 Occupy Wall Street protesters rallied outside Bank of America this afternoon, as part of a nationwide demonstration to symbolically "foreclose" on the giant predatory behemoth.

One consumer advocate said, "Let's not kid ourselves, there's a hell of a lot more that needs to be done."

The New York Post alleges that Occupy Wall Street shunned the homeowner of the foreclosed home in East New York that the movement reclaimed for a homeless family last month.

While Tasha Galsgow and her children wait to move into a foreclosed home that her boyfriend is fixing up with Occupy Wall Street, she's living in another foreclosed home in Queens. Here's how she manages.