Fordham university

She and other students were in the tower apparently to get a better view of the city.
The suit claims that even after the school's student government approved the club, school administrators stepped in to keep it from operating.
Universities are once again asking students to not wear racist Halloween costumes, and the battle over whether political correctness has gotten out of hand or not goes on and on.
"It is really disappointing to see you fall into a stereotype narrative the dominant society expects," the professor wrote in an email.
A 21-year-old killed by a hit-and-run driver on Saturday has been identified as Noah Goldstein, who just graduated from Fordham University two weeks earlier.
"You can really never get rid of them and almost certainly they will outlast humans in a lot of ways on the deeper evolutionary time scale."
"Fordham accidentally did the same thing that NYU did, by including a university-wide 'all-student' email address in the CC section of a message, instead of the BCC Section," Fordham student Nicholas Espinoza told us
Conservative bobble head Ann Coulter re-emerged from the depths of the Dark Hemisphere once more, getting herself invited to and then subsequently shunned from a speaking engagement at Fordham University.
two Fordham University students were robbed last month of nearly 5 billion "magic" coins used as currency in the (free) online fantasy game, RuneScape.
An 18-year-old Fordham student was found dead in his dorm room
NYU might have the most irritating students, and everyone might be
Photos by Ken McCarthy of Fordham Security security Earlier today there
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