Neopolitan pies are no longer reserved for fancy, sit down meals.
Starting Monday Neapolitan pizza giant Forcella will be offering Make-Your-Own-Pizza sessions with Chef and owner Giulio Adriani at all three of their locations.
Is there anything better than fried dough slathered in Nutella and topped off with powdered sugar? No. There is not.
Considering how popular fried pizza has been with the foodie set lately, of course a fried-only joint is opening this month.
After charming Williamsburg with its fancy fried pizzas, Forcella is giving the Bowery a whirl.
Lame duck Times critic Sam Sifton really likes Williamsburg meatsteraunt St. Anselm. Meanwhile Bloomberg critic Ryan Sutton really does not like Gilt.
Say the magic word at Forcella in Williamsburg, and get 50 percent off on lunch this weekend.
Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick have a confluence of excellent, new-school Neapolitan pizza. But where to go? We break it down.
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